One day. One camera. One I-Phone. Why the I-phone you may ask? The I-Phones 12mp camera is easy to use and delivers nice results, being so light weight made me choose it over one of my heavy film cameras. All the photos you see below have been taken by an Iphone-6S+ with no editing done to the pictures.

Start of the walk, walking through the forest.

The start of the walk began halfway up Pirin mountain in Bansko, you cut through a wood to walk onto the ski road. The ski road which is normally packed with people was like a desert, dry and other than my family, no human life to be seen!

Only people here are my family.

After leaving the ski road we arrived on the mountain roads.We only saw three cars the entire time we were on this. Here we saw the beauty of the mountains the most, with the winding roads and tall pine trees.

Winding road on the Pirin Mountain range.
Somewhere on the Pirin Mountain…
Road with trees.

After the long walk, we went back to the apartment and I reflected on the images I had taken, I was amazed by the quality you can achieve with I-Phone cameras now; this shows you that you don’t need the most expensive gear to enjoy photography if you have good ideas and subjects.


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