What is ‘levitation’ photography? Levitation photography is where an object is portrayed to be floating, for example this shoe.  This shot can be quite difficult to take and there are many other ways to do this shot.

What do you need to take this shot?

  • Shoe or any other item you choose
  • A friend
  • A camera

Once you have got your equipment you can begin to find a place you want the item to float from, I chose Leeds square. To begin the shot, set your camera up with a fast shutter speed set to continuous shooting mode. If you are planning to do this outside it will be easier on a sunny day as you will be able to shoot at faster shutter speeds. To begin the shot have your friend place the object in his/her hand like so (I have prefocused on the spot I wanted to take the picture on hence why it is out of focus).

Step One

After your friend has placed the shoe in their hand get them to throw it up in the air.

Step Two

After they have thrown the shoe in the air it is their job to get out of the frame. Warning this is the difficult part.

Step Three

As we can see here this is a fail attempt of James not getting out of the frame as you can clearly see the peak of his cap on the right-hand side of the frame.

When you finally get the shot you can go into Lightroom or Photoshop to finish the final editing to your liking.

Final Shot
Size? Captures Shot

Thank you to James for helping me with this shot. (http://instagram.com/jamesstarkey)

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