I was intending to call this article ‘Life’s a┬áBeach’ and talk about my time in Flamborough and shooting on expired film for the first time. After shooting a roll of expired Max Speilman 400 given to me by my friend Adam, my friend Steve who scans and develops all my film discovered the roll had already been exposed.

First shot on the roll.

My pictures acted as a double exposure to the shots underneath creating some powerful images. After all the images have been scanned I decided to find clues about the people in the photos and what time of year it was. I came to the conclusion it was Christmas time as there are small Christmas decorations dotted around the house.

Tom and a lady sitting down.

Here we can see one of the two ladies in the pictures, this one is the clearest out of them all.

As we can see from the pictures the ladies are older, due to the unknown date of the film we don’t know how old the roll was out of date. The mystery of the roll continues to expand as we look into it more.

Lady sat on a sofa
Christmas tree

The picture below is my favourite due to it has a hidden meaning behind it if you look closely and think about it you can work it out.

All pictures are taken by a Leica M5, developed by Max Speilman and scanned by Steve Boylin.

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